Sailing School

For more than half a century Miramar Yacht Club has been providing sailing education for those who would want to enter the wonderful world of sailing. It's become a tradition to begin each sailing season with the introduction to sailing class.


Considering the ever-increasing number of sailing enthusiasts it's been decided to provide our students with the opportunity to become certified by American Sailing Association. With the beginning of 2016 sailing season ASA instructors from Port Sailing School will be providing ASA101 Sailing Certification Courses.


ASA 101, Basic Keelboat Sailing

No previous experience necessary. You will learn to sail a 23-foot sailboat. This is a two-day course which can be completed during your weekend. The first day instruction begins in the classroom followed by on-the-water instruction for the remainder of the course until the written exam. Half hour break for lunch each day.

You will learn Basic Sailing Terminology, Maneuvering and Points of Sail, Navigation Rules, safety Gear and Procedures.


For more information or to schedule your course please contact Port Sailing School (516) 767-7245, or visit the School website -