Romer Light Regatta

This regatta is open to monohull and multihull cruising yachts of Miramar Yacht Club, of other yacht clubs and to cruising yachts of nonmembers that are sailed in Sheepshead Bay, Lower New York Bay, Jamaica Bay and Raritan Bay waters and have PHRF ratings. If a yacht has no rating, the Regatta Committee may be able to rate it. Please note: Entry fee covers all regattas for 2018 season. Party fees are separate and will be collected at the party.

Notice of Race      Sailing Instructions

Based on the number of entries, and/or the individual ratings of the competing yachts, the Regatta Committee, at its discretion, may subdivide divisions into classes. Multihull yachts will race in separate classes. A division or a class will have at least three yachts assigned to it.

On Saturday, September 8th, 2018, at 1300 hours the regatta will start at Can 1, Sheepshead Bay Channel. The course for the race will be from the starting line at Can 1 due West to round Coney Island Red nun 10 to port side then round Romer Shoal Lighthouse to port and then return to the finish at Can 1, Sheepshead Bay Channel. The course length is 12.3 NM (approx.).

Race Committee Report

Congratulations to Obsession skippered by Andrew Shabalin who won 2018 Romer Light Cup in 2018.

Miramar Romer Light Regatta, Division One September 8th, 2018 Time  hh:mm:ss Time in seconds Adj.PHRF Total Place
Sky-100%, Wind-NE12-14, Low Tide-13:23, Start: SILVERSURFER - SB1
Course: CI_10 port - Romer_Light port - Finish @SB1. Distance:12.6 miles
Boat Class Skipper Sail # Hull Color HH MM SS Time PHRF Total Place
Star Dust S2 7.3 Joe Vega 73 White 3 21 40 12100 243 9038.2 5
Blue Dolphin Catalina 30 MK II Travis Ruse 4939 White 3 0 21 10821 200 8301 4
Obsession C&C29 Andrew Shabalin 590 White 2 31 35 9095 183 6789.2 1
This is it C&C36 Felix Pustilnik 30724 White 2 26 42 8802 138 7063.2 2
Valkyrie Kirie Elite 30  Marc Porret   White 3 55 30 14130 170 11988 6
Ligurian Pearson 36 Michael Hines 40672 White 2 29 11 8951 141 7174.4 3

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