Race Committee

Each year at Miramar we have terrific racing events scheduled. We sponsor a variety of regattas for both Division 1 and our Ensign Fleet 21. We encourage everyone to participate in the racing and if you don’t have a boat, it’s not a problem come join us as crew members.

Racing is a great opportunity to improve your sailing skills and interact with other sailors interested in racing. Come race at Miramar. It’s an adventure with friendly, very enthusiastic people that enjoy sailing. See you all at the starting line.

Committee Boat Seminar by Dr. Gerald Borell.

Ex.Commodore Jerry Borell is an excellent sailor. His knowledge and experience is almost impossible to replace.

He is giving this seminar every year before the season starts. Among other things topics of discussions were responsibilities of Committee Boat crew, anchoring a boat, preparing for duties and many more.

Dr. Borell had prepared a paper that anyone can use as a reference in the future.

Further correspondence:

From: Joseph Vega
Sent: Monday, May 29, 2017 11:27 AM
To: Gerald Borell; Nasim Shamailov
Subject: Finishing Rule & Protest Flag

Hi Guy,
Happy Memorial Day!
Concerning the finish, interpretation and further explanation of a definition and rules of racing can be found in the case book, which can be found on ussailing.org. I am attaching case 82 which addresses how a boat finish.
Concerning the size of the boat requirement of flying a protest flag, that one can be found in Rule 61.1,(a),(2). It states that if the hull length is less than 6 meter (19ft 8.2in), she need not display a red flag. This rule seems to be able to be changed according to Rule 86.1 as opposed to definitions which cannot be changed.
I hope this helps.
Respectfully yours,
Joe Vega

From: Nasim Shamailov
Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 10:43 AM
To: Joseph Vega; Gerald Borell; Shabalin, Andrew; Andy Snyder; D. Ruttman; Richard Lubell; Barbara Banchik; Leon Paley
Subject: RE: Finishing Rule & Protest Flag

Thank you for your. Research; I stand corrected.
1. According to Rule 61.1 (a) (2) Protest flag:
if the hull length of the protesting boat is less than 6 meters, she need not display a red flag;
This Rule is permitted to change by national authority. So, if we all agree I will keep it at 10 meters. Thus Ensign shall not need to fly red flag when protesting. Boats over 30 feet do. ?????????
2. Case 82 is a study, not a rule. There are no rules on how to deal with finish line being lined up with the last leg.
I do, however, agree that in situation when it happens boats shall finish by sailing the shortest distance. UNLESS finishing is specified by committee boat or Race committee.
Thank you
Nasim Shamailov


Class flag for Division One Regattas will be flag "1", not the Miramar flag. Sailing Instructions will be corrected accordingly.