Miramar Trophy Regatta


Ensign Class

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018, Miramar YC is hosting Trophy Regatta for our Ensign fleet. Captains meeting is scheduled for 11:30. Start line is at 13:00

Weather played a game with the racers: At the start, around 13:00, the sky was covered in clouds but nothing on a radar as for the storm, and somewhat decent wind - steady from the South-East at 6-8 kts.

Then, we have all experienced what weather can do to sailors. Just before the second Race, the wind almost died, and with rising outgoing current only CELEST and EL'MENEITO were able to cross the starting line, others were drifting away unable to start. It was not a big rain at first, started with a drizzle it got stronger and stronger and finally skyes opened and all water of the world came down on us. That's when we heard "Yahoo" coming from EL'MENEITO; healing like crazy they were flying above the waves toward the first mark. The puff that moved Jose's boat became a strong wind almost instantly, blowing 15 kn. Two boats bailed out, three continued. The scary exciting race was last that day.

Congratulations Jose Carretjer and crew of EL'MENEITO with the First Place

June 2nd, 2018, 13:00 Race A Race B Race C Total
Sky-100%, Wind-S5-8, HighTide-13:06, Start-SB3 SB1p RW13p Canceled
Sail # Boat Captain Crew SB2p  - F due to
 - F   weather
620 SILVERSURFER Nasim Shaimalov Glenn Panazzolo 1 3 0 3.75
899 CELEST Leon Paley Barbara Banchik 3 2 0 5
1109 MOOSE Alex Dunajsky Rima Dunajsky 5 dns 0 10
1559 EL MENEITO Jose Corretjer Ramon Torres 2 1 0 2.75
1598 SPLASH Rich Lubell Joe Vega, Mark Alpert 4 dnf 0 9

Division One

It is time for big boys to play. Our cruising yachts will lined up for a race on 16th of June.  Beautiful calm weather, great company and party afterwards; can beat that. All races in Division One category are handicap races calculated by PHRF ratings and each boat time.

Weather: turned out to very very pleasant. Clear sky, wind blowing S - 6/8kn.

Tactic selected by Boris Evelkin helmsman (Andrew Shabalin) paid off. In the light southerly breeze Andrew moved their boat closer to Brighton Beach and deeper in the channel, thus he grabbed both wind-draft screen from the shore and outgoing channel. That maneuvering gave their boat URAGAN additional 14 minutes.

Congratulations Boris Evelkin and crew of URAGAN with the First Place

Miramar Trophy Regatta, Division One June 16th, 2018 Time  hh:mm:ss Time in seconds Adj.PHRF Total Place
Sky-50%, Wind-S-4/7, Low Tide-16:51, Start: Sea Dragon - SB1
Course: RW9P - RW20P - CI3P - RW9P - F. Distance: 10.07 miles
Boat Type Captain Crew          
That's it C&C 36 Felix Pustilnik Eli Gaba, Sonya Pustilnik, Nasim 1:26:45 5205 144 3754.92 2
Uragan J40 Boris Evelkin Mike Levitt, Andrew Shabalin 1:08:05 4085 93 3148.49 1
LO Int'l FolkBoat Andy Snyder Roger and dnf       3