Kossman Regatta



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Originally scheduled for July 28th regatta was rescheduled for August 4th due to weather. Just our luck that August 4th forecast showed rain-storm. Fortunatelly, storm had passed leaving somewhat choppy surface, but the sun came out and wind was steadily blowing from the West at 12-15 m/h.
Four Miramar YC Division One Boats came to the starting line. But only two are getting the prize

Miramar Kossman Regatta, Division One August 4th, 2017 Time  hh:mm:ss Time in seconds Adj.PHRF Total Place
Sky-50%, Wind-West 12-15, Low Tide-12:17, Start: SILVERSURFER - SB1
Course: CI9P - RW15P - F. Distance: 8.09 miles
Boat Type Captain Crew          
URAGAN J40 Boris Evelkin Mike Levitt 2:21:06 8166 135 7413 3
THIS IS IT C&C 36  Felix Pustilnik Eli Gaba, Sonya Pustilnik 2:05:42 7542 144 6077 1
LO Int'l FolkBoat Andy Snyder SH 2:19:48 8424 228 6278 2
ASYLUM Catalina TS30 Gary Tlili Ramon dnf -- 106 -- 4

Congratulation Felix Pustilnik with 1st place and Andy Snyner with 2nd place



After so many postponements Ensing Racers finally got a date for Kossman Ensign Regatta. Unfortunately only five boats showed up. This year, the results of Ensign class Kossman regatta will be counted as firt day racing in Fall series.

The day started with, little incoming current, sunny skies and slow southern wind at 4-5 knt. Tidal current picked up and was maximum at 2,5 knts in Rockaway Channel by 15:00. And the wind got stronger and was blowing 12-15. Because of the strong current there were a lot of mishaps and hitting the marks. SILVERSURFER made a record hitting marks three times in one regatta.

Miramar Kossman Regatta, Ensign August 18th, 2017 Race A Race B Race C Total Place
Sky-clear, Wind-S 8/12, Low Tide-12:42, Start: SelfStart - SB1 RW9P -  RW12S -  RW10P - 
Sail # Boat Captain Crew RW15P -  RW9S -  RW12P-RW16P
SB3P - F CI1S - F RW13S - F
620 SILVERSURFER Nasim Shaimalov Glenn 3 3 4 10 3
899 CELEST Leon Paley Joe Dani dnf 4 3 12 4
1074 UFORIA Andre Shabalin Gennady 2 0.75 0.75 3.5 1
1548 BOAT Danielle Ruttman Merle Robinson, Barbara Banchik 4 5 5 14 5
1598 SPLASH Rich Lubell Joe Vega 0.75 2 2 4.75 2

Congratulation Andrew Shabalin, Rich Lubel and Nasim Shamailov

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