Kossman Regatta

Ensign Class


With great westerly wind blowing steady at 15 m/h and great courses that presented all kind of  challenges it was supposed to be a great regatta. But it was so hot that some racers completed third course in the semiconscious conditions. Also, committee boat had its anchor line wrapped around the prop shaft, as a result the starting line was too wide and set parallel to the line of wind instead of wind facing; so starting was difficult.

Certain events during the race raised concerns about safety again. The discussion about "barging" and windward boat give way before and after the start will continue between members of the Race Committee to determine better set of rules for Miramar racers.

Nasim Shamailov (SILVERSURFER-620) won the regatta finishing first in two out of three races, and second in the third race. Followed by Andrew Shabalin (UFORIA-1074). Third place taken by Ruchard Lubell (SPLASH-1598)

Miramar Lobel Regatta, Ensign July 23th, 2016 Race A Race B Race C Total Place
Clear Sky, Temp 95F, Wind-W 12/15, High Tide-11:09, Start: This Is It - SB1 CI2P - CI2P - CI2P - 
Sail # Boat Captain Crew RW9P -  RW9P -  CI1P - 
RW16P - F RW13P - F  - F
620 SILVERSURFER Nasim Shaimalov Tony Boose, Effie Dror 1 2 1 4 1
899 CELEST Leon Paley Joe Calvaruso 5 5 5 15 5
1074 UFORIA Andre Shabalin Andy Snyder 2 1 2 5 2
1598 SPLASH Rich Lubell Joe Vega 4 3 3 10 3
1751 ALLYCAT Alison Schonfeld Barbara Banchik 3 4 4 11 4
1767 PRAM Jan Kroeze   6 6 6 18 6

Division One


Regatta is scheduled on August 27, 2016

Captain' meeting: 11:30; Start line: 13:00

Committee Boat: SilverSurfer, captain Nasim Shamailov, crew Mary Kae Higgins

Notice of Race              Sailing Instructions