Kossman Regatta

Ensign Class


Another Great day on the water. Beautiful, steady 10-12 knt wind South-West then South and South East by 3:00pm. Clear sky. And very-very strong current. At times the current exceeded 3knt at Rockaway 12.

First race was windward-leeward to Coney Island mark#2, back through start to Sheepshead Bay Mark#3 and Finish. As the wind shifted it quickly become beam-reach course, no tacking, it makes the race dull. UFORIA skippered by Andrew, ruled the race. Second and third race courses and starting lines were changed because wind shifted to South East.

In the last, third race SPLASH skippered by Richard Lubell failed to hold the leading position and was ousted by UFORIA and THE BEES KNEES skippered by a new and promising member of the club David Shin.

Our congratulations to David, who took third place in the regatta; it is his first prize in the regattas. Second place - SPLASH skippered by Rich Lubell. Kossman regatta championship is confirmed by its last year winner - UFORIA skippered by Andrew Shabalin.

July 14th, 2018, 13:00 Race A Race B Race C Total
Sky-100%, Wind-S-SW-10-15, HighTide-9:35, Start-SB1 CI2p RW9p RW13s
Sail # Boat Captain Crew  - SB3p  - F  - RW9s
 - F    - F
615 THE BEES KNEES David Shin Barbara Banchik 3 4 2 9
620 SILVERSURFER Nasim Shaimalov Maxim, Oleg 4 3 5 12
899 CELEST Leon Paley   5 5 2 12
1074 UFORIA Andre Shabalin Victor 1 2 1 3 1/2
1598 SPLASH Rich Lubell Joe Vega 2 1 3 5 3/4
1767 PRAM Jan Kroeze   6 6 6 18

Division One


Regatta is scheduled for July 21 2018, postponed, and reinitiated at September 29th, 2018

Kossman Regatta, scheduled for September 29th will start at 13:00. Captains meeting will take place at 11:30am. Please don't be late.

Captain' meeting: 11:30; Start line: 13:00

Notice of Race              Sailing Instructions


It looks like the weather is cooperating with us and we are going to have a very nice day for the race.. Clear sky with 6-9 m/h NW wind.

We have the following captains who expressed their interest in participating:
Maria Morill, HALCYON
Spiro Caras, HOULIGAN
Marc Porret, VALKYRE
Andrew Shabalin, OBSESSION

Atmospheric pressure will be rising throughout the day. Temperature varies from 68 to 72. Wind is expected to be NW 6-9 m/h. UV Index - 5. High Tide is at 11:36am, Low tide is at 6:02pm

Very nice turnout. Five boats on the line and pretty decent weather, marking the last regatta of the season.

Congratulations to OBSESSION (skipper Andrew Shabalin) and his crew with first place.

Miramar Kossman Regatta, Division One September 29th, 2018 Time  hh:mm:ss Time in seconds Adj.PHRF Total Place
Sky-100%, Wind-NW-SW 6-9, High Tide-12:45, Start: SILVERSURFER - SB1
Course: CI_6 starboard, RW_20_starboard - Finish@SB1. Distance: 8.16 miles, shorted to CI_6 starboard- Finish@SB1. Distance: 4.66 miles
Boat Class Skipper Sail # Hull Color HH MM SS Time PHRF Total Place
Star Dust S2 7.3 Joe Vega 73 White 2 16 11 8171 243 7038.62 2
Obsession C&C29 Andrew Shabalin 590 White 2 9 39 7779 183 6926.22 1
Houligan C&C 38 Spiro Caras 30724 Blue 2 8 45 7725 135 7095.9 3
Valkyrie Kirie Elite 30  Marc Porret 667 White d n f 170 xxx 5
Halcyon Hunter 27 Maria Morill White 3 14 25 11665 219 10644.46 4

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