Ensign Fleet 21

2017 Fleet Report
Fleet 21   Miramar Yacht Club, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn since 1964
Fleet Captain:  Richard Lubell


Last year, Ensigns competed from early June through late September.  This season, the committee boat assignments have been rotated through the competing skippers.
The cup was won at the very last race between Andrew and Rich. Going neck-to-neck on the score-board Rich finished first on both final day' races he left no chances to Andrew who took second place. Nasim was better this time and he took third place.

We have an active fleet of Pearson Ensigns with 12 boats competing in weekly racing.
615      THE BEES KNEES       David Shin
620      SILVERSURFER          Nasim Shaimalov
899      CELEST                          Leon Paley
1074    UFORIA                          Andre Shabalin
1109    MOOSE                          Alex Dunajski
1498    LUCKY US                     Barbara Banchik
1548    BOAT                              Danielle Ruttman and Merle Robinson
1559    EL MENEITO                Ramon Torres
1595    ANEMOS                       Spiro Carras
1598    SPLASH                         Rich Lubell
1615    PETITE CANARD         Mark Alpert
1716    TOPAZ                           Jay McDonnell
1735    AMANDA ROSE            Marc Benson
1751    ALLYCAT                       Alison Schonfeld
1760    DIVERSION                   Mike Obel
1767    PRAM                            Jan Kroeze

Our Wednesday Night Racing was organized last year for the second season as the Summer Series, with cumulative scoring over 12 weeks.  Three race days were cancelled due to inclement weather, and each skipper was then allowed to drop three other race days of the 10 Wednesdays completed. The best 6 races of their season determined the winners.

The final standing of the Wednesday evening, 2015 Summer Series …9 race days over 3 months:
1st        SPLASH     Miramar Yacht Club, skippered by Rich Lubell with Vega crewing
2nd       UFORIA    Miramar Yacht Club, skippered by Andrew Shabalin with Andy Snyder crewing
3rd       SILVERSURFER     Miramar Yacht Club, skippered by Nasim Shamailov with Yuri Arutunov and Michael crewing

Captains and crew congregated around 5 pm each evening, with many members coming after work. The boats go out from the bay at 5:30, and racing happens between 6-8 pm. On a typical evening, we’ll have 5-7 boats racing. Through the season, we had ten boats take part, with thirty participants.

At sundown, all of the hungry racers return to a wonderful warm meal, with wine and drinks (a modest $10 charge).   The participants have a chance to unwind, and deconstruct the race, and get to know each other better. Our traditional Cup races are held on Saturdays and normally involve longer courses.

Results of the 2017 Saturday Cup Regattas:

July 15th     Lobel Regatta
1st     SPLASH                                skippered by Rich Lubell
2nd   UFORIA                                skippered by Andrew Shabalin
3rd    SILVERSURFER                 skippered by Nasim Shamailov

August 18th     Kossman Regatta
1st      UFORIA                                skippered by Andrew Shabalin
2nd    SPLASH                                skippered by Rich Lubell
3rd    SILVERSURFER                 skippered by Nasim Shamailov

Autumn is easily favorite time of the year for many sailors. The days have cooled down, The winds are stronger and unpredictable. There's something magical about the clear brisk days out on the water; comfy fleece warms the soul and a cup of tea or hot cocoa seems like a great idea. Autumn is a beautiful, so are the races at Miramar.

These are the results of 2017 Ensign Fleet 21 Fall Series hosted by Miramar Yacht Club
Winners are:
1st        UFORIA - Skipper Andrew Shabalin
2nd      SPLASH - Skipper Richard Lubell
3nd      CELEST - Skipper Leon Paley

Overall, this season, our fleet continued to expand, and we solidified our gains from previous years. In 2018, we hope to build on our successes, and add racing seminars on rules, tactics, boat maintenance, boat safety, and crewing. And. Most importantly, we plan to celebrate our racing with parties and festivities throughout the season.