About Ensign


The Ensign is a 22-1/2 ft., full keel, fractional rig fiberglass sailboat. It has 1200 lbs. of lead ballast molded into it’s keel for a total displacement of 3000 lbs. With only 7 ft. of beam, Carl Alberg designed this classic day sailer to slice through the water like a knife.

Her cockpit has two benches measuring over 8 ft. long and there is a small cuddy that may be used for a V-berth or sail locker. There’s a commode in the cuddy – most have been removed – and ample storage under the seating.

The main sail is 140 ft2 with end boom sheeting. After work, when I go out for a short sail, if I’m feeling too lazy to put up a jib I go out with the main only. She still sails beautifully. Originally the Ensign was designed with a down haul but the E.C.A. allows conversion to a cunningham. Her headsail arsenal consists of a 61 ft2 jib, a 149 ft2 genie, a 202 ft2 genie and a spinnaker.

She has a 7/8 fore triangle rig , 2 lower and 1 upper shroud and a fixed backstay. The backstay’s not adjustable however, I’ve never experienced weather helm. The main and jib halyards are wire with Dacron tails. Jib sheet tracks and cars are on the cuddy, genoa tracks and cars are mid-ship, and the traveler is on the stern deck.

The Experience
“If something is not going right it’s you, not the boat. The Ensign responds and does what she’s supposed to do.” – J. M.
“It’s like sailing a dingy. The water is right there. Up close and personal.” – N.B.
“I sold my Ensign and got a 35′ C&C. A year later I bought my old Ensign back. I sail the Ensign more than the C&C.” – E. S.
“So what if it doesn’t have a self bailing cockpit. Fill it up with water and it will still sail.” – J. G.
“I’m tired of boats with cockpits that look like the inside of refrigerators.” – J. M.